The company was founded by

Mr. Paul Lee, President & CEO.


With the acquisition

of 4 Second-Hand Knitting Machines

and rented 200m² factory

in Malabon City,

the company started its operation.


The company continually

underwent growth in the

subsequent years that

demanded a much larger property,


Thus, the factory transferred

into a 1,000m² company-owned

property in Caloocan City.


Purchased a 9,000m² property in

Valenzuela City.


Being immensely dedicated

in bringing high quality service

& product to its clients,

the company saw a need for vertical integration and added a small

Dyeing & Finishing facility.


Crayons Processing Inc.,

a separate Dyeing & Finishing Plant,

was established to provide the company greater control in its quality and service, giving it an edge over most knitters.


The company yet again achieved its latest milestone, settling into a new home in Bagbaguin, Caloocan City with a property area of more than 10,000m² &

a floor area of 18,000m².



KnitAsia continuously acquires the latest machineries from circular knitting machines, flatknit machines, dyeing and finishing machines in order to provide our clients with only the utmost quality products and services, as well as, cater to the

ever-changing needs and

requirements of the industry.



“Do not be as the garden

where anyone can walk.

Be as the sky which

everyone stretches to reach”

- unknown -

We currently have over 100 Top-of-the-line Circular & Flat Knitting Machines that produce single jersey, pique, jacquard, stripes, etc. We invest in only the best machines, such as Mayer & Cie and Fukuhara, to produce our fabrics. We produce 450 to 600 Tons per month of knitted fabrics from Single Jersey to Special Fabrics.


Subsequently, our Dyeing & Finishing Plant under Crayons Processing, Inc. is located in a 15,000 sq. meter facility. We use top-notch computerized machines like Then, Thies and Fong’s in dyeing and Lafers and Fong’s in finishing our fabrics. Our Dyeing & Finishing facility can produce 600 to 700 tons per month.


KnitAsia Industries, Inc. is backed-up by more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing of knitted fabrics. We have qualified and experienced team of professionals and technicians that are in charge of our quality standard and production department. We have a total manpower of over 200+ personnel in our Knitting Facility and another 200+ in our Dyeing & Finishing Facility.


All fabrics produced in our factory undergo 100% Quality Checking.


We place great importance on safety, cleanliness, quality and efficiency in our factories at all times. We never compromise on our fabric quality and we always make sure we deliver to our customers on time. We also see to it that our customers’ concerns are our No. 1 priority.


Boasting of streamlined and advanced

systems and equipment



We are a textile manufacturing company that believes in creating unique fabrics. To be able to strive for continuous improvement and success, our passion in fabrics and desire to provide quality products to our customers have been our drive for years before and years to come.


We create exceptional knits. We produce fabrics with world-class quality standards. We incessantly develop new products, offering wider range of fabrics design, to be able to adapt to the continually changing needs of our clients and trends of the industry.


We take pride in our honest approach to doing business. Accomplishing big things takes a lot of trust from our clients, partners and staff and we work hard to always be straightforward and clean in everything we do.


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